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Kitchen Storage Tips

When it comes to designing a new kitchen making sure you have plenty of storage is an important aspect to consider. Have a good think about how you use your kitchen and have a good idea about what you need to keep stored away and where. Take a look at what items you have and decided what items need to go near to the cooker or sink and what you need to keep close to hand. This way you can choose the right kind of storage to meet your specific needs.

Pan Drawer

Country kitchens are perfect for creating a warm and cosy feel, which will turn the room into a welcoming space that you want to spend time in. If a country kitchen is the look you are after Big Kitchen Shop can help turn your kitchen ideas into a reality.

  • Country kitchens suit natural materials like wood, ceramic and stone, which are a definate must if you want to create the perfect country kitchen.
  • Choosing the right colour scheme is important too and can make all the difference in creating an authentic country kitchen, neutral colours work well such as white but more earthy colours can look great too such as blues and greens.
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Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t create a room with plenty of style. Big Kitchen Shop can help you design and create your perfect kitchen regardless of the shape or size of the room. Here are some top tips for making your kitchen feel more spacious:

  • If your work surfaces are full of clutter it will only make a small kitchen feel even more cramped, so make sure you have a place for everything and ensure you have enough storage space. Keep items stored away that you don’t use very often, you could even opt for a bin which is fitted to the inside of a cupboard door to free up more floor space.

Big Kitchen Shop has a fantastic collection of modern kitchens in a variety of finishes and colours to help you achieve your perfect new kitchen. Modern kitchens feature sleek, streamlined styling combined with up-to-date technology providing you with a kitchen that not only looks contemporary and fresh but also makes cooking more efficient.

Svenson Kitchen

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The term Shaker goes way back to a religious movement that was formed in the 18th century, the Shakers settled in the USA where they developed a unique style of carpentry and design which can be summed up in two words: simplicity and utility. The Shakers were renowned for using pure and simple lines without any elaborate decoration and believed in the highest levels of workmanship. The Shakers work always combined durability with practical designs.

Bronte Shaker Style Kitchen

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L-Shaped Kitchens

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most functional layouts and are suited to both small and medium sized kitchens. An L-shaped kitchen is where there are two banks of units sitting at right angles to one another, which is perfect for installing into a corner and can be adjusted to any length to follow the line of a space. L-shaped kitchens are great for providing a good amount of storage and worktop space and free up plenty of floor space to allow you to move freely around the kitchen, ideal for if there is more than one person at a time cooking. Ensure that the fridge and cooker are placed at opposite ends of the L-shape with the sink located in the middle for an effective working triangle.

Verlaine Kitchen

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Creating a traditional kitchen can transform the room into a warm and welcoming space and make it the heart of the home. Classic farmhouse kitchens are a really popular choice and the Atwood Ivory Oak kitchen from Big Kitchen Shop is the perfect choice for creating a rustic, farmhouse style. The Atwood kitchen features a solid oak shaker design door with a classical wide frame and brings a feeling of warmth to the kitchen.

Atwood Ivory Oak Kitchen

Traditional, farmhouse kitchens are ideal for period properties but are also suited to many new builds and barn conversions as this classic style will keep its character and timeless feel well into the future. Modern farmhouse kitchens take inspiration from the past combined with traditional features and the latest in kitchen appliances to create a comfortable and functional space.

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Choosing the right style of tiles for your new kitchen can make all the difference and really bring the room to life. There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from ranging from mosaics to glass and porcelain and there are endless effects that you can create so it pays to get right.

Mosaic tiles are available in every kind of material from travertine to glass and are usually supplied in sections on a mesh or backing sheet, this makes them quicker to install but it can be difficult to get them exactly straight. The sizes of mosaic tiles vary ranging from tiny squares to larger versions, they can also be tricky to clean especially in preparation areas where the grout can become easily discoloured.

Brick-style tiles are ideal for creating a period look and are becoming an increasingly popular choice. This style of tile is available in a variety of colours, materials and sizes and can also be used as a contrast to an area of large format tiles or can be used all over to make a kitchen appear wider.

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