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We all struggle on what colour scheme to pick when changing the kitchen. You tend to constantly change your mind, because ‘that worktop won’t go with those units’ and ‘that flooring doesn’t match the other colours’, it is a very lengthy process to get it all looking perfect.

Recently, it was revealed that Victoria and David Beckham are planning a James Bond-style kitchen in their new home. We at Big Kitchen Shop thought this was a great idea, especially for people who struggle with colour schemes, finding the inspiration from movies, nature, decades or trends is an ideal place to start when planning a kitchen.

We are going to help you draw some inspiration for a new kitchen style.

James Bond

You don’t have to spend an extortionate amount of money to create your dream kitchen. But if you are looking for a James Bond-styled kitchen, with lots of gadgets, smooth and sleek appearance and somewhere in the house to be the focal point of entertaining, well this kitchen is perfect for you!

The Image Black Kitchen has gloss worktops and doors that offer a bold and dramatic style.

Image Black Kitchen

Nature Inspired

Most kitchens are placed at the back of a house, so looking out onto the garden can be very peaceful when working in a stressful cooking environment. If you’re looking for a more natural, fresh and clean kitchen, the Cottage Cream Kitchen is ideal for creating this look; with plenty of additional accessories to help complete the style you’re aiming for.

Cottage Cream Kitchen

Here & Now Living

Kitchens have now merged with the dining room; the back of a house is now the entertaining area. Many new houses are adapting this look to all the homes they’re building; this new design creates the illusion of more space. Living in a house like this gives you the opportunity to experiment with more space by adding units or even reduce the kitchen area with fewer units but still giving you more space. The Integra Ferrara Oak Kitchen is a classic kitchen design which is perfect for any kitchen/diner home.

Integra Ferrar Oak Kicthen

Island Life

If you have a large kitchen it is sometimes quick and easy to just place a table in the middle of the floor. Why not add a freestanding island to your kitchen? You can still have the spacious area in your kitchen, an island will just give you the option to add a breakfast bar or add more units. It is a great place for guest to stand and socialise. There are many different sizes of island you can have, remember, you decide your kitchen. The Cologne Walnut Kitchen offers both units and a breakfast bar, giving you the best of the two options.

Cologne Walnut Kitchen

With these inspirational ideas we are you will find the perfect kitchen to suit your home and personality!

My View

I think the majority of us would agree that the dining room can be labelled one of the most wasted spaces in the home, in our hectic lives we use it incredibly rarely and the room has become terribly misused. The table, instead of being a platform for eating on has essentially evolved into a huge shelf, ready for anything I and the kids dump on it. This dumping includes: post, books, dog leads, spare change and the like.

So why do I no longer have any call for my dining room? Well it’s the kitchens fault I am afraid to say, our dining, entertaining and relaxing time has transferred into the kitchen. It is without doubt the most important room in the house for our family. After a hectic day at work, I just want to cook and have a few drinks in a comfortable informal environment. Having carried out some research, I can say its not only our family home which has undergone the same transition.

The Nations View

Britain can safely be said to be ‘abandoning its dining rooms’ although two thirds of homes have a separate dining room intact, it is used less and less. According to a study carried out by Lloyds Bank Home Insurance; the kitchen is the most valuable room in the home. It’s not surprising either, when you consider the fact that on average we spend one hour and 36 minutes in their every single day and 60% of us prefer entertaining friends and family in the kitchen, opposed to any other room. Indeed, inviting friends round for a ‘Kitchen Supper’ has triggered a national debate. The phrase itself was catapulted to fame when a cabinet minister used it in reference to David Cameron’s meetings with Rebekah Brooks. Obviously, we normal folk can still have Kitchen Suppers without heading to our friends at NO.10.


Kitchen Entertaining planning

  • Ensure you have an ample amount of comfortable seating, whilst some don’t mind standing around, some do!
  • Plan well ahead, know the meal you are cooking, know your timings and stick to them!
  • Keep the drinks flowing, this doesn’t need any explaining!
  • Keep it relaxed, this isn’t a formal dinner party!

Your Kitchen

Here at Big Kitchen Shop we have the perfect range of Open Plan Kitchens which are simply ideal for cooking, socialising and entertaining people. These contemporary spaces allow you to have a cool but functional entertaining space.


Black Gloss Kitchen

Black Gloss Kitchen



It’s a common question we get here at Big Kitchen Shop

‘I have decided to purchase a kitchen from yourselves but I am struggling between choosing an electric or gas oven. Which one is most economical?’ It’s certainly a good question!

There are big differences in the costs of cooking with gas and electricity, seen as though cooking takes up a quarter of your yearly energy bill it’s an issue well worth exploring. Figures reveal that gas and electric ovens use around the same amount of energy units, between 200-300 KW a year.

The higher price of electricity over gas does make electric ovens more expensive to run. Those who install a gas oven can expect to save around £35 a year. As a price comparison, if you use your electric cooker for around 90 minutes a day the annual cost would be around £100, the annual costs of a gas oven for the same period of time in use would be around £35.

Industry experts have also warned that long- term, the cost of electricity will rocket compared to that of gas due to government taxes against Electricity. Consumer futures, who work with the Governments Fuel Poverty Advisory group, have investigated this impact on the average consumer’s bills. They forecast that households who use electric heating would see their bill rise by £282 by 2020.

There are also a number of other factors to consider when choosing ovens. We will firstly list the advantages and disadvantages of Gas cookers and then we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Electric cookers.

Gas Cooker’s


  • Gas Hobs offer instant heat output, when flames spread around the bottom of a pain, heat dispersal is working well
  • As previously mentioned, Gas is cheaper than Electricity so you can save yourself a bit of money on this front


  • Gas Cookers can give out an uneven oven temperature, this is due to the absence of fans in the oven itself, meaning the oven will be hotter at the top than the bottom
  • Gas cookers also need to be installed by a GasSafe qualified engineer.

Electric Cookers


  • Electric ovens offer you more control over your oven temperature, fans disperse the heat around evenly
  • In a multi-function oven, you can cook with heat from the top of the oven, the bottom of the oven and even the grill
  • Electric cookers hobs are easier to clean than gas cooker hobs, electric cooker hobs are usually flat and ceramic, making them easy to maintain


  • Electric cookers cost more to run than gas cookers
  • If your pan is larger than the hob ring, getting up to heat can be a timely process

Here at Big Kitchen Shop we have a great range of both Gas and Electric ovens from the industry leading brands such as Bosch, Rangemaster and Neff. So whatever your choice, you can rest assured you have the best quality products money can buy.



We know that choosing a new kitchen is a big decision and making sure you get all the accessories and additional items co-ordinated can be a difficult task. Choosing the right worktops is a major part of this decision process so we’ve put together a list of kitchen colours and suggested worktops for each one. Please see below for our suggestions of worktop and kitchen combinations.

Gloss White Kitchens:      

Black Sparkle Gloss; Nero Gloss (also called Black Slate Gloss); Ruby Red Sparkle Gloss; Light Oak Block; Dark Walnut; Ebony Zebrano; Black Mica

Gloss Cream/Oyster Kitchens: 

Light Oak Block; Dark Walnut; Ebony Zebrano; Walnut Block; Dark Zebrano Gloss; Medium Zebrano Gloss

Black Gloss Kitchens:   

White Sparkle; Cream Artstone; Light Oak Block; Ruby Red Sparkle

Cream Shaker Kitchens:

Light Oak Block; Dark Walnut; Ebony Zebrano; Walnut Block; Dark Zebrano Gloss; Medium Zebrano Gloss

Oak or Oak Effect Kitchens:     

Cream Artstone; Tula Bronze; Black Mica

Kitchen Worktops

This list is not exhaustive but is intended to give you some ideas and help you to make the right decision. You can find great priced worktops with fast delivery here at Big Home Shop

We know that buying a kitchen is a big decision, especially if you are buying online. We want to do everything we can to re-assure you that buying your new kitchen from Big Kitchen Shop is the right decision, so here are some reasons why we believe it’s a great idea.

  • We already have lots of very happy customers who’ve saved hundreds of pounds by buying from Big Kitchen Shop. We will be happy to supply phone numbers of past customers if you wish to call for references.
  • We offer a 10 year guarantee on our kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are all made in the UK from 18mm high quality particle board.
  • We only operate on the web so we have no showroom overheads meaning that we can pass our savings directly on to you. But we can arrange for you to visit our factory showroom.
  • We don’t employ high pressure salesmen, just friendly knowledgeable staff with many, many years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom industry.
  • We are happy to provide 3D plans and samples of your kitchen door and worktop to help you make your decision.
  • We are part of the Trueshopping Group of companies; they are a well established multi-million pound international online retailer, with almost 70,000 Trustpilot reviews!
  • We offer flexible finance solutions to help you afford the kitchen of your dreams.*
  • We offer a free installation help-line. If you have any questions or queries once your kitchen installation begins please call 0844 245 0088. This line is manned 8.30am – 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am – 4.30pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • We’re saving customers hundred’s of £££’s every day, try us you cannot lose!

*Finance is provided by one credit provider with whom we have a commercial relationship.

Kitchen Unit guarantees Big home shop Logos


Kitchen Worktops

In a busy kitchen, you need to think of your work surfaces not just as somewhere to prepare and serve meals, but also as space where you can place regularly used appliances and storage jars. In most kitchens the worktops will also be used as impromptu leaning places and spaces to leave odd bits of post and homework etc.

In the perfect home all of these items should obviously be put away in the right cupboard or container, but we know that in busy family households they just aren’t! It therefore makes sense to make space for all the bits and pieces that get left on the worktops. Standard kitchen worktops are normally 600mm deep, but you can get worktops at 665mm and even 900mm deep, these are especially useful when you need more space, for example when creating breakfast bars and island units.

Kitchen Worktops and Breakfast Bars

Kitchen Worktops and Breakfast Bars

Kitchen worktops can also be useful in other ways, Big Kitchen Shop offers features such as built in knife holders or small waste chutes, pull-out electrical sockets and even built-in kitchen scales, all of which can be neatly concealed within the worktop.


Family Kitchen Design

Not all families are the same so it follows that not all kitchens will be the same. The needs of a young couple who do lots of informal entertaining will be very different from the needs of a family with children of mixed ages, or an older retired couple. There are however certain design criteria that should be followed when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen.

Choosing a kitchen that suits your household will involve having a think about how you would like the room to work and what it will be used for. Your family’s practical needs should be as important as the looks when it comes to a kitchen that works for all the whole household, however with such a massive range of fitted kitchens to choose from you should still be able to achieve the look you want with a very practical and easy to use layout.

When you are discussing the design for your new kitchen, you should bear in mind that for the kitchen to fulfill the needs of the whole family, it should be more than just a room that one cooks in. If the room is big enough you should plan to allow and area for the whole family to get together at certain times of day such as breakfast or during the preparation of dinner in the evening. The kitchen is a great place to get together and will be used for many different uses, think about kids homework or coffee with friends.clever use of lighting and different styles of worktops can help to create different ‘zones’ in your kitchen making it a truly user friendly space.

Image Cream Gloss Fitted Kitchen

Our Cream Gloss Kitchen showing the creation of different ‘zones’

Contemporary, minimalist kitchens may be perfect for young couples, but they are not usually well suited to larger families. By contrast to the sleek modern units and fittings of a minimalist kitchen a family kitchen will benefit from plenty of worktop space and good levels of extra storage. You should aim to keep the design and units flexible to adapt to the changing needs of the whole family. When you choose the appliances look for products that are best suited to family life as opposed to items that just look good in the showroom or on the internet. Large ‘American’ style fridge freezers are perfect for a busy family kitchen as they generally have a large sections for frozen food and flexible zones for refrigerated food so you can store many different types of food in the one appliance, perfect for quick weekday dinners or impromptu suppers.

If you would like any further help or advice on kitchen design, please call our friendly team here at Big Home Shop on 0844 245 0088. You may also want to read further on this subject in this great article from Gareth at Eurofit Direct Redesigning Your Kitchen


Online Kitchen Prices

Bricks and mortar kitchen and DIY companies usually have expensive showrooms around the country. The overheads associated with these showrooms means that customers end up paying more than they should for their new kitchens. Here at Big Kitchen Shop we have made our entire showroom web based to save you money.

Urban Tobacco Kitchen

We can therefore sell you a kitchen at a much lower price than B&Q, Homebase, Howdens or your local showroom. Our designers have many years of experience and are happy to talk you through the process of choosing and designing your ideal kitchen. We’re saving customers hundred’s of ££’s, try us you cannot lose!